Dance Movement

Dance Movement Psychotherapy


Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) is a Creative Arts Therapy that uses body movements and gestures as a way to communicate, and express yourself. Dance Movement Psychotherapists are trained in both body movement and Psychotherapy. DMP is practiced as individual or group therapy settings.


You don’t need to be good at dance to participate in Dance Movement Therapy, it isn’t a dance class. It is designed to help you understand yourself and your thoughts and feelings to support you to discover life. Our body language and movements can help us to understand a person and can sometimes communicate things you might find difficult to say.


Sessions take place in a setting that is private and confidential. Each session includes a warm up to prevent injuries whilst moving, focusing on areas of emotional and physical tension.  Then we encourage you to move freely which is the main part of the session.  The session closes with time to reflect on your experience with the therapist.