Counselling is a space of safety where you can explore those emotions that you can’t share with
anybody else. Having someone impartial to talk to, who doesn’t know your friends or family, or
anything that you don’t want to tell them, can help you gain clarity of thought. Counselling is not
somewhere where you will be judged, or have the opinions of others put onto you, but a place of
safety where you will be treated with respect and dignity.

Within the sessions the therapist will help you understand your thoughts and feelings without giving
advice. A counsellor is not there to tell you what to do – instead they will encourage you to talk
about what's bothering you in order to find strategies and identify specific ways of thinking. The counsellor may help you address your difficulties or help you to find ways of coping.

“When I needed you, you were there and when I no longer needed you, you were gone and I stood
up on my feet. Yes I have known pain but because of that I now know happiness, and for that I am
ever in debt to you” (Male, 18).