Group Work

Sometimes we feel we are the only ones who have emotional difficulties and face problems in
isolation. Group work helps young people realise that others are also experiencing similar
difficulties. Group facilitator will ask what the group wish to work on but typical issues effecting
young people tend to be around, anger, anxiety, stress, depression, low mood, self-esteem, lack of
confidence, self-harm, resilience and bullying.

Hearing other young people share their experiences and strategies is a useful way for young people
to understand alternative ways of coping. Therefore, holding confidential groups, targeted around
the issues they want to talk about provides a safe environment where new friendships can be built
outside of the group. The group facilitator will share experience and knowledge, and make the
therapeutic space safe. Groups tend to be around six to eight people, and last for one hour for six

From this therapeutic space anyone deemed to have additional issues following the groups can then
access individual therapy, but for many having access to a group will give them strategies to deal

with challenges. All those recommended for group work are assessed for suitability prior to the
groups commencing.