Referral Process

Our current referral pathway into the service is either via GP referral into CAMHS, school nurse
referrals or directly from a school where we have a service level agreement in place.
We work in close collaboration with NHS CAMHS, and our contract with Staffordshire County Council
stipulates that any referrals into the service need to come from a GP or school nurse, via CAMHS. A
Multi Agency Meeting within CAMHS will screen all referrals to determine the level of need, if it is
felt that a tier 2 level of intervention is required then they will pass the referral on to YESS for

Where we have a service level agreement in place with a school, the school can refer to YESS direct.
We have a number of agreements in place with several of the local schools, if you would like to find
out if we are currently working with a school please call a member of the team who will be happy to
help. We are also able to consider spot provision to schools who would like to commission our
services for specific cases. If you work for a school and would like to consider commissioning our
services then please see the school agreements page .

All referrals that are received by YESS are reviewed by the Senior Therapist or Service Lead to
ensure that they are appropriate, and that our service is suitable for the young person’s needs. At
this stage we may signpost to other agencies if we feel that they may be best placed to meet the
young person’s needs. Determined by severity of need the client is then assessed for which
modality we feel would best benefit them, see here  for details
on the different modalities we offer.

Unfortunately due to funding restrictions we are unable to accept self-referrals. However, we do
have provision to offer private sessions, please speak to a member of staff regarding prices for this